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Mike Slone
Software Professional
Ginger Labs
Engineering Manager
I joined Ginger Labs in 2021 to found the frontend engineering team for the web services that support our chart-topping handwriting iOS app. I chose Ginger Labs because I saw a company that valued empowering creativity in its users. I have grown the Web Services team at an intentional pace from 1 (just me) to 5.

This scrappy team built the Notability Gallery into a crowd-sourced library of note-taking resources, so our users can "stand on the shoulders of giants" in the note-taking space. We have worked to identify pragmatic ways to elevate the most useful content, both through both algorithmic and curated methods.

In 2023, we have taken on two primary projects. The first has been to integrate the gallery with the newly-redesigned app experience, including not just UI refreshes, but new native-like navigation and input feedback. The second is to take the Notability experience to the cloud -- making it possible to share, collaborate, and annotate not just on iOS devices, but on any device with a browser.
React, Typescript, Next.js, THREE.js, GraphQL, Postgres
  • Identify, hire & develop full-stack talent.
  • Collaborate cross-team to brainstorm, identify, prioritize, and schedule tech & product improvements.
  • Provide technical guidance.
  • Foster inclusive, collaborative, creative culture.
  • Write full-stack code.
  • Notability Gallery
  • Notability App Redesign
  • Notability Web-Native Renderer
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Disney - Hulu
Software Lead
I chose Hulu because I was looking for a place where I could learn from leaders capable of balancing healthy ambition with healthy culture. From these leaders, I learned how to set a course, inspire peope, listen well, provide feedback, agree and disagree well, and do great business without sacrificing ethics.

I joined Hulu as a developer on the living room team, delivering shows, movies, and sports to tens of millions of users on their living room devices, such as game consoles, set top boxes, and smart TVs. I saw our users grow from 3 million to over 30 million over the course of my tenure. I worked with brilliant leaders who taught me the challenges and techniques involved with developing collaborative, inclusive, creative culture.
  • Hulu With Live TV
  • Home Redesign
  • Details Page Redesign
  • React Migration
  • Coffeescript to Typescript Migration
Typescript, React, Sass, Knockout.js
Activision - Treyarch
Game Designer
I joined Activision's Black Ops team at Treyarch in 2011 in order to learn the ropes of creative development from leaders in the field. I started by designing and scripting single-player missions for the Black Ops II story campaign, and quickly moved into developing gameplay systems, and eventually joining the Zombies team to work on Origins and Shadows of Evil, where I designed and scripted puzzles, vehicles, and combat encounters.

My favorite user experience moment in my career happened when we released Origins to users in 2013, which provided the immensely satisfying experience of watching live streamers collaborate with their viewers to make sense of the complex number systems, ciphers, music notation and circuitry required to complete my puzzles.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  • Call of Duty: Zombies - Origins
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  • Call of Duty: Zombies - Shadows of Evil
THQ - Volition
Gameplay Programmer
As a hobbyist game developer, and a fan of Volition's Red Faction series, I was over the moon to be interviewing with their development team in 2006. When I saw an early build of Red Faction: Guerrilla during my interview there, my not-yet-even-graduated mind was blown.

While I was a little disappointed not to be working on that project, I had an absolute blast working on the gameplay team for Saints Row 2. On that team, I learned how to find the fun, iterate, try risky things, and of course, make it all work in a peer-to-peer co-op open world, which had never been done before!

After Saints Row 2, I joined the Red Faction: Armageddon team (then called Red Faction: Crusade), where I took on higher-level gameplay systems and the associated tooling, animation programming, and physics programming in a fully-destructible world.

Before leaving in 2011, I joined the Saints Row team again to help develop Saints Row The Third ahead of its release that fall.
  • Saints Row 2
  • Red Faction: Armageddon
  • Saints Row The Third
C/C++, Lua, Havok, MFC, XDK